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Welcome To Tallon's Place

Hi I am Tallon, and this is my place for family and friends to come together and hang out. I think you will find some cool things to do here! So sit back and enjoy! Dont forget to drop by my blog so we can discuss all the good stuff.

Sup! I play football for the Rockets! I am #3. I am a lineman / linebacker. I play minecraft and build some really good stuff ! My redstone stuff is awsome. I am a really big car fan and want to be a car engineer when I grow up. My favorite band is Skillet. If you want to hear them and others check out my music section. I am an A+ student and hope you try to be as well. I love to sing and I am in choir at school. I also love to swim.

I have two sisters (and two brother in laws) and no brothers (I am the only boy, poor me!). I have the best mom and dad in the world. I have awsome grandparents to. I have four nephews and one neice. I was born an Uncle! Our family is really close. My best friend in the world is Jacob. I have two girls (Sky & Keighley) who are my neighbors that are good friends .I have a girl that I like but I am not going to say her name out loud (not yet anyway). I love my family and friends! I love God, he is the light of my world!

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